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Keep a record of money you receive and how you spend it. This activity will encourage the Brownie Guides to think
about what money means to them and how it can have an effect on their day-to-day lives.


Blank Snakes and Ladders Grid
Dice, Counters


1. Split the Brownies into their sixes.
2. Explain to them that they are going to make a snakes and ladders board game based around money.
3. You are going to read out to the Brownies a number of scenarios one by one. Help them to decide within their teams whether the scenario is a snake that will set them back in the game, or a ladder that would move them forward. They also need to decide how far back or forward a scenario would send them. Once they have decided, they can write the scenario in a square on the blank board and draw in their snake or ladder.
• You get a pay rise (+€250)
• You have to pay a tax bill (- €125)
• You have to pay a heating bill (- €60)
• You win the lottery (+€1000)
• You are left money in a great uncle’s will (+1000)
• You have to pay rent (-€100)
• You lose your job (-€300)
• You get a new job (+€300)
• You sell your old computer (+€50)
• You find a £10 note on the street (+€10)
• You get burgled (-€100)
• You take out a loan (+€200)
• You have to pay back your loan plus interest (-€300)
4. Give each team a set of counters and dice. In pairs, using one of their boards between them, they can now have a go at their game of snakes and ladders. Each Brownie can then keep a record of her income and expenditure. To prevent Brownies entering into debt each Brownie should have a suitable starting balance.

RBS NatWest Your Money and Your Life for Beaver Leaders


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