Bhangra/Bollywood Dancing

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After discussing Diwali and Bhangra dancing, Pippins watch and dance to a youtube video that teaches them ten Bollywood moves. They can then work in small groups to put together a dance of their own using the moves that they have learned.


Laptop, projector, speakers, you tube video:


Talk to the Pippins about Diwali. Show powerpoint/pictures that illustrate the story of Ram and Sita and the link to Diwali. Discuss dancing and how many cultures dance as part of special events and celebrations.
Project video. Girls and leaders to follow the instructions to learn the moves.
Girls work in small groups to create a dance routine using some of their new moves. They can add their own moves too.
Girls perform their dance.


  • cultural awareness
  • cultural festival
  • dance
  • Diwali
  • Performance

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