A song for my leader

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This is a fantastic way to help strengthen the relationships between the teenagers and the adult leaders.




Divide everyone into teams of 4-5 (based on how many kids you have, and how many adult leaders you have). Have each group of students write a song of at least 15 lines long about one of the leaders set to the tune of a children's song, like “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” (Any well-known song will work.)

Tell the participants that the best song will win a prize, and they get extra points for including:
1. Their leader’s favourite food, singer/band and colour
2. The town they were born in
3. The leader’s occupation

Give the teams between about 10 minutes to write their song. When they are done, have each team select one person from their group to go up front and sing the song for the rest of the group.


  • fun games
  • relationships
  • singing
  • team building activity

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