Crossing the River

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The team have to cross the river only using the equipment provided in order to retrieve a clue from the other side.


2 Planks of wood, one shorter than the other
3 milk crates/boxes that the wooden planks can be placed on to create a bridge
an optional clue or something that can be retrieved from the other side of the river


Set out 2 of the milk crates, these are the banks of the river and cannot be moved, the scouts can stand, sit, etc on these but cannot pass them without standing on the planks. The third crate is placed in between the banks and can be moved by the scouts if they wish
Explain to the teams that they all need to get the other side of the river in order to retrieve the clue, but they can only use the planks of wood and the remaining crate. One of the planks is long enough to reach the crate in the middle and the other is shorter but it can be placed on the end of the longer plank and it will reach the other bank.
Cubs may struggle with moving the planks around, feel free to help or allow two of them to be in charge of moving the planks and can walk in the river.
It can take the scouts a while to work out how they can all get across so it might be a good idea to give them a nudge in the right direction.


  • Problem solving
  • team building

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