Money / Coin Relay

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Relay to get the sixes used to coins / adding / totals / teamwork




Sixes stand at one end of the room with a table of "change" at the other end.
Leader calls out a random amount (written down also as its easy to forget)
One person from each six runs up, takes a coin and runs back.
Sixer stays with money advising their six of what coin is needed next
Repeats till correct amount is achieved

If too much money is at the six a coin (one at a time) is returned (not picked up)..

This is a great game for both the older cubs who can assist the younger ones with direction as to the coins needed and also gets the smaller members used to the size, shape, and amount of the coins

Mess it up by taking some of the larger coins out so that they need to use smaller coins to get to their amount


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