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Three Silly Girls (Road Safety Song)
Introduction This song works well as a reminder of the important of road safety


 Brownie CD


Three Silly Girls Song ( Tune of Three Blind Mice)
• Brownies stand in four lines to make a square shape with plenty of space in the centre.
• Sing the song through a few times until everyone is familiar with the words
• Then add in the actions
Words of song
Three silly girls. Three silly girls. 3 Steps into centre, 3 steps back
See how they ran. See how they ran. 3 Steps right, Turn & 3 steps left
They all ran after the bouncing ball, Into centre bouncing ball action
Not stopping to look at all at all. Back shaking head and finger
Along came a car and ran over them all, Stand still making a steering action
Three silly girls 3 Jumps turning in small circle

Another option once Brownies have mastered the actions.
Sing as a round. First side starts off, next side starts when first side have song the first line, the third side starts when the second finishes the first line etc – it will get quite chaotic

Acknowledgement/Source IGG Plan B Pack September 2002


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