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Explore the camp blankets of experienced Scouters (Explorer Scouts or Leaders) to learn about what camp blankets are, and think about the badges you'd most like to earn.


Camp Blankets with plenty of badges. We try to invite 1 person (with their blanket) to talk to each lodge, but you could adapt this if you can only locate one or two blankets.


Each lodge is assigned a guest with their own Camp Blanket (we use Scout Leaders from our local area).

Each lodge learns what a camp blanket is, and why we use it. They then explore and ask questions about the different badges on the blanket.

Afterwards, we have a short Beavers' Own to think about the badges we've seen, and which ones we'd most like to earn as we grow up through Scouting.

As the Beavers leave, we give each one a pamphlet explaining to parents about what we've done tonight, and how they can start a Camp Blanket for their child (attached as a PDF)


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