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Stalls, activities for Paint it PInk


 Promotional Posters/notes
 ‘Smore ingredients: marshmallows, digestives, kebab sticks, tealights, napkins, matches
 Face Paints & make up brushes/sponges – just pink is fine.
 Nail polish – pink
 Raffle tickets
 Tea, Coffee, Milk, Squash
 Wool


Agree a date:
If possible liaise with other units – Brownies & Ladybirds to encourage support and attendance.
Running the fundraiser to coincide with a Brownie meeting means:
• A defined start and finish time.
• Parents encouraged to stay at drop off.
• All units supporting and taking part in the fundraiser
Brain-storm with the Guides ideas for fundraising stalls:
Encourage Guides to come up with their own ideas – some may want to run their own stalls, others may be happy hosting a standard stall.
Stall Ideas:
• ‘Smores table: supervised by a Leader or SB
• Beauty Bar: pink nail varnish
o some Guides may want to make lip balm, etc.
• Face Painting: start with a pink Snazeroo facepaint and have Guides do pink hearts, etc (Each fundraiser Ardagh Guides have done we’ve bought a new colour facepaint so girls can develop their skills)
• Fortune Telling: Some Guides have a natural skill at dressing-up with a crystal ball and making up fortunes!
• Crafts: simple crafts such as friendship bracelets always go down well with Brownies & Ladybirds.
• Raffle: If you have Guides with a talent for drawing or painting, encourage them to paint create something, e.g. a local feature/scene, and sell raffle tickets.
• Teas & Coffees: Available to parents to encourage them to stay for the duration – donation bucket available.
o Note: Ardagh Guides don’t encourage buns and cakes be made as we have a cake sale fundraiser at Easter and to avoid waste and extension of the event.
Instructions contd.
Craft Night: Meeting dedicated to crafting for the event, with activities such as friendship bracelets.
Science bags – possible saleable item – Ardagh Guides did static balloon, plasticine & straws, cups & cards:

Publicity: Print notes week before the evening to give to Ladybirds, Brownies & Guides, local parish notes, posters in shops/schools, local newspaper. As Leaders to text a reminder the day before the event.

Take photos over the course of the event and Leader or Guides submit a brief article into the local newspaper thanking community for supporting the Guides.



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