Map Symbols Memory Match Game

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Giant size memory match game, like done for smaller children with flash cards or playing cards, but done with 8.5x11/A4 size paper sheets, printed with map symbols.


Many symbols, printed out on full size sheets, paired. As many as you'd like to do, based on lodge/six size, and space avaialble.
Card stock suggested, so that they can't see through the sheet.
Attached file quickly made, but you can enhance!


Place all sheets randomly in a grid on the floor, face down.
Each youth in the lodge/six takes turn, trying to turn over a match.
Others can't do it for them, but they can work together to make suggestions.
Or... play it once where they can't help, and can keep turning over until they make a mistake... and then play it again as a team exercise where they can make suggestions.
And you can only keep the paired ones, if you can name what they stand for.



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