Finding Telephone Numbers, Taking Messages

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How to find a telephone number, how to answer the phone and take a good message.
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Laptop, tablet, something to use Online 411 information or similar on.
Pencils and Pad of paper.
Phone for play acting.


Pick people they know, and try and find phone number for them.
Similar for businesses that they might want to call.

How to answer the phone at home, and how to take a message properly. (pay act it after explaining)

Answer (if permitted at their house)
Poitely, clearly, use please and thank you.
Mom/Dad are busy, never "not home"... can I take a message?
If kids are awkward about the "busy" lie, when home alone, assure them that it's ok, and if pressed they can always say "Dad's in the shower"...
Use call display to screen, if you like. (optional)

Ask person to wait please, while you get pen/paper.
Write date and time first, and then ask them to spell name, if you need to.
Ask for phone number, and then read back to them to make sure it's correct.
Copy down what call display on phone says, if that's available.
Ask "may I tell them why you were calling?".. (optional, for the cocky kids) ;-)
Ask "is there a good time to call you back?" or "How late can they call you back?"
Say; "Thank you, I will make sure they get it."
And then the message has to be put somewhere mom/dad will get it, like corner of kitchen counter, away from clutter, etc.



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