Balloon Olympics

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Sporting activities and relays using balloons


Lots of balloons, rope, chairs, score board, prizes


Opening ceremony, choose team names.
Balloon hopping - Teams have to hold the balloon between their legs and jump to the finish line; if they drop the balloon they have to start again.
Volleyballoon - Same as basic rules for volley ball with a much lower net or rope.
Balloon squash - in pairs they have to get the balloon (squashed between their tummies) across the finish line by walking sideways.
Balloon badminton - the teams sit opposite each other on chairs, they then have to pat, punch or kick the balloon over the oppositions head to score a point.
Balloon balancing - members of the team have to get the balloon (balanced on a plate) around a short obstacle course to the finish, then the next team member can go.
Closing ceremony with prize giving.


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