Poppy Lanterns

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Candle lanterns using jam jars decorated with poppies to light on Armistice Day/Remembrance Sunday


Jam jars (clean, labels removed)
White paper cut into wide strips
Red, green and black felt tips
Glue sticks
Permanent ink pens
(Tea-light candles)


One strip of white paper per Beaver and one jam jar per Beaver.
Write Beaver's names on base of jars.
Cut strip of paper to fit jar from base to neck and to wrap it with a small overlap (1.5cm approx.)
Draw outlines of poppies in pencil, using templates or examples where necessary
Colour in poppies using red, green and black felt tips appropriately.
Cover jar sides in glue and wrap paper around it, carefully ensuring it lies flat against the jar and overlaps evenly.
Set aside to dry.

(If there is time and subject to Risk Assessment): Leader to stand lanterns on a table or other suitable raised surface, away from Beavers but where they can be viewed. Leader to light candles (perhaps whilst blessing, prayer or silence is observed). Leader to extinguish and set aside until completely cooled. Beavers to collect as they leave to go home.


  • Armistice Day

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