Make A Felt Phone Cosy

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Use crafting skills to make these pretty, protective smartphone sleeves


Wool felt in a variety of colours
Fusible webbing
An iron
10-pence piece
Fabric scissors
Thick felt, in a variety of colours, cut into 26cm x 9cm rectangles
Sewing machine (optional)
Jeans needle
9.5mm elastic, 11.5cm length
1.25cm-wide ribbon or tape, 5cm length
Small bulldog clips


1. Ask your Scouts to fuse the webbing onto the underside of their wool felt, following the instructions on the packet, before cutting the wool felt into decorative shapes of their choice.

2. Using a 10-pence piece as a template, ask them to draw a semi-circle in the middle of one of the shorter sides of their thick felt rectangle and cut it out.

3. Position the felt shapes on the front of the cosy (the half that doesn’t have the semi-circle cut out of one end). When they’re happy with how the shapes look, they should be ironed and then stitched into place.

4. They should fold the cosy in half (decorated side facing out) and use small bulldog clips to hold it in place. Position the strip of elastic horizontally across the cosy, around 5cm down from the semi-circle, with the ends tucked around the raw edges and into the seam allowance so they’ll be caught in the seam.

5. Fold a piece of tape in half and tuck it into the seam allowance, around 2cm from the bottom of their cosy.

6. Stitch both sides of cosy using a seam allowance of 5mm, securing elastic and ribbon into the seam.


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