Sash Pins

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Girls make a brooch to hold their sash together.
Supported by the GGNZ Programme team


Brooch pins round and/or long
Polymer clay - range of colours
Or large safety pins and beads with medium sized holes
Or Large buttons (3.5cm diameter), sequins, glitter and hot glue


Girls shape brooches out of polymer clay into any shape they like (or you could direct them to make a particular shape/work to a theme etc).
When their shapes are finished, they press a brooch pin into the back of the clay.
Bake according to packet directions.
Or untwist the large safety pin, thread beads onto it in a pattern of the Pippins choosing and then twist the pin closed again. If you have letter beads they may like to write their name or initials.
Or decorate a large button with sequins and glitter using PVA or craft glue. Adhere the button to the brooch pin with hot glue. Check out the button sash pins made by Hannah Jones pippins - photo Sash Pins


  • brooch
  • buttons
  • clay
  • craft
  • sash pin
  • sequins

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