preparation for bake off!

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re-convening with community impact badge with bake off to raise awareness on mental health.
start of session will begin with a quick introduction game from the million hands resource (put your hand up if...) to further increase understanding on mental health.
rest of session will involve preparation for the bake off sale including making banners/posters/leaflets to raise awareness.


pens, pencils, glue, markers, colours , card/paper.


The first activity will start by asking 'put your hands up if you have mental health'
-'put your hands up if you have felt happy in the last week, last month, enjoy football...' and so on
explain to the group that this is their mental health. We all have mental health as well as physical health.
get the group to create their posters/leaflets ready for the next session to raise awareness during bake sale.
if complete, get the girls to show their posters to the group.



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