Build a Crafty Computer

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Encourage your young people to get to know the essential parts of a computer, and how those parts work, by building your very own model in your Lodges, Sixes or Patrols.


You will need a selection of craft materials or recycling items, such as pipe cleaners, string, empty egg boxes, cardboard boxes, paper, pens, scissors and glue.


1. Gather a good range of craft or recycling materials and place them in the middle of the room.
2. Explain to the young people that, working in groups, they are going to build a computer.
3. Assign each group a different part of the computer, providing them with a sheet that features an explanation and picture of that part. You can assign more than one part to each group. Get the young people to think about how they might divide the tasks between them.
4. Give each group 15 minutes to design their computer part and to think about how their part might function with the computer as a whole.
5. Once all the groups have finished, come back together so each group can showcase their work. Ask the young people to place the part they have built in the centre of the room and explain that part to the other groups.
6. Presenting one after the other, each group should attach their computer part to the model in the centre of the room. As they build onto the computer model they should explain how their part functions in the context of the overall computer.
7. In the end the young people will have built a model of a computer. They should be able to explain all the parts featured and how those parts work together.

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