Demonstrate Computer Parts

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Encourage your young people to get to know the essential parts of a computer, and how those parts work, by stripping down an old computer into component parts to show.


An old desktop computer that you can strip to component parts and do not mind being poked around with by beavers
a mouse
a keyboard
a monitor


Strip the desktop computer down to case, motherboard, CPU (removed from motherboard), memory and hard drive. Motherboard if possible should be removed from the case.

Lay these components out on a table.
Talk to the beavers about the components and what they do. Use analogies like the CPU = Brain, memory being like short term memory (e.g. what was for tea) and hard drive a place where the computer remembers what happened a long time ago and where you save things you have made.
This activity is intended to be an introductory activity (especially for beavers) and should be limited to a short amount of time so that there is time for fun.


  • Digital Citizen

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