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Play games to identify ways of reducing energy and water use in the home (True-False running game)


 True and False signs
 Blu Tac


• Put a sign marked “TRUE” on the wall on one side of the hall and a sign marked “FALSE” on the other side.
• Ladybirds stand in the middle of the hall.
• Leader calls out the statements below and Ladybirds run to the appropriate side of the hall.

• I can save water by watering the plants with a hose rather than a watering can (F)

• I can save energy by switching off the lights when I leave a room (T)

• Recycling paper is bad for the environment (F)

• I can save energy by walking to school rather than driving (T)

• I can save energy by watching TV instead of playing outside (F)

• Having a bath uses more water than having a shower (T)

• Taking public transport uses less energy than going by car (T)

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