IGG Interest Badge Ladybird Environmental Awareness Option 3

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Recognise the appropriate bins for your rubbish (bins)


 3 empty boxes
 Labels with Bin colours for your area e.g. Green, Blue, Black, Brown to stick on each of the boxes
 Pictures of different items cut out of magazines etc. for recycling
 Optional if can’t get pictures, Leaders could bring different samples of items for recycling


The Ladybirds will learn the importance of recycling and learn about the different items that can be recycled and which bins they should go in.
• Explain to the Ladybirds that different types of waste should go in different bins.
• Explain that we should try and put as little in the black bin as possible because this goes into landfill
• Place the different bins at the end of the hall
• Place pictures from magazines or clip art of paper, food, cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic packaging, tetra packs etc. Have a copy of each picture for each team
• Divide Ladybirds into teams.
• Give a set of cards to each team
• Ladybirds (with the help of Leaders if required) decide which items go into each bin and then run up and put them in the correct bin. This could be done as a relay race

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