I'm a Celebrity Theme Night

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This is a great activity linked to the popular ITV series “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” on TV during November.




Bush Tucker Trials

Get your section into teams to take part in a series of trails to earn stars for their team. Once you have established your teams it’s time to send them to their camps, setup a red camp and yellow camp.

There is some preparation required for each of these trials, but they will all be lots of fun. Each of the trials below is designed for one member of each team to go head to head against the other team(s). For each trial, each team can gain stars to add to their team score. The team with the most stars will be crowned “King of the Jungle”.

All Hands - Wearing blindfolds team members put their hands inside a box and guess the contents. Setup some boxes in advance with different things in them, these could include rice pudding, cooked pasta, feathers, cotton wool or other items. Place a star(s) in each box for the team members to find.

Disaster Chef – Don’t worry you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen for this one. Setup a table and chairs and serve your three-course meal. You can buy online packets of critters like mealworms and crickets, including chocolate covered ones. You could provide some garnish like lettuce for presentation. There is no need to have a time limit, but for each course or item they consume each player should get a star.

To go with the meal, you could prepare a special 'Earthworm/Cockroach Shake'. The ingredients are simple with it containing apple juice, green food colouring, and melted marshmallows - with a plastic cockroach. It looks and tastes great.

Wobbly Madness – Make a bowl of jelly for each team, inserting several plastic stars in the jelly before it sets. Allow the jelly to set. For the trail give each team member a pair of goggles and a timed limit to get as many stars as they can. Team members cannot use their hands, and must get the stars out by their mouth.

Slippery Feet - Mix a washing up bowl or box with spaghetti, oil, imitation spiders/cockroaches/ants. Place several stars into the bowl/box. Wearing blindfolds team members must use their feet to feel for and get the stars out.

Flying Cockroaches – Buy a couple of packets of the ‘Tobar Cockroach Catapult’ from Amazon. Each pack contains 2 cockroaches and a launcher. Setup some targets (buckets or pop-up targets) for the team members to aim at, giving them a time limit, see how many times they can hit the target. Allow them or another team member to collect cockroaches so they can keep going during the allowed time. Award a star for every cockroach that hit the target.

Digging Deep - Fill a bowl with Wotsits (or cheaper supermarket alternative) and add some imitation spiders/cockroaches/ants. Place an equal number of stars in each bowl. Team members wearing goggles go head to head to find the stars only using their mouths.


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