Samba Band (Musician 1)

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Sections learn the basics of samba music, and by the end of the evening should be able to have a small performance whilst marching.


Percussion instruments - one for each young person


Flag Up / Intro – 10mins

Chat (10mins)
Who plays instruments? Who sings? Even in the shower? You are all musicians!
What music do you enjoy? What music do you enjoy singing/playing? School Plays etc?
Chat about Samba music – has anyone heard of it, what country is it from, what it is?

Rhythm Warm Up (20mins)
Split into 4 team (sixes). Leader starts marching to a beat. 2 of the sixes must clap on the left foot. 2 of the sixes must clap on the right foot. Once they have got that rhythm, one of the teams doing the left foot now must clap the same beat as the leader is clapping, whilst the others still clap the foot beat. Keep them going with that. Now one of the teams clapping the right foot claps a different rhythm that the leader gives. Try to keep them going with this keeping the rhythm. If they pick this up you can give another rhythm out, or swap around the rhythms.

Drinks percussion (10mins)
Get the cubs to think about simple beats.
They can use syllables of words to create beats
Tea – 1 syllable so 1 beat (TEA)
Coffee – 2 syllables so 2 claps (COF-fee)
Coca-Cola – 4 syllables so 4 claps (CO-ca-co-la)

Mix it up by getting them to do different patterns of the drinks
Tea-Coffee-CocaCola Tea-coffee-coffee-tea CocaCola-Cocacola etc

Instruments (20mins)
Stand in circle with instrument each.
Low instruments do tea tea tea tea (simple 4/4 beat)
Low mid instruments do Tea coffee cocacola
Mid high instruments do cocacola cocacola
High instruments do Tea-Coffee
All march in time with leader and do their bits, leader will bring each section in like a round.
As well as marching they must do a call and response. Leader calls with whistle a beat, and they must respond in the appropriate way.

If you have time do a performance at the end to the parents!

Flag Down (5mins)


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