Santa Stocking Feel

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Put five items in stockings (bags/sacks could be used). The items we used were: Sweets, Apple, Noodles, Tissues, Avocado.
Put tags on the bags with a clue eg: good to blow your nose or a pear-shaped fruit used to make guacamole! etc.
On a piece of paper, write each of the five words and find the secret word with the first letter of each (it will spell out 'santa')...
For more fun we used straws and snowballs (made from glitter pompoms from poundland or craft suppliers) and each team had to blow their snowball around the course of stockings.


Five items = sweets, apple, noodles, tissue, avocado
Five stockings and elastic band to tightly close (avail from poundland)
Paper Tags to write clues on
Straws and white pom poms or cotton wool balls
Pencil and paper (can pre-print and cut out the secret word sheets)


Each lodge to work as a team to blow their snowballs around the room to each stocking placed in the corners/middle of the room.
Guess what is in the stocking.
Write the words on the piece of paper.
Guess the secret code word 'santa'


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