GGNZ Hinamatsuri - Japanese Doll Festival

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Find out about the Japanese Doll Festival - also called Hinamatsuri - and celebrate this in the unit. This is the Day to celebrate girls in Japan - Our World activity 9


All girls to bring a doll to display
Tables, chairs, boxes and red cloth or crepe paper


This is the Doll festival and is the chance for families to celebrate their daughters happiness, growth and good health. Traditionally a special display of dolls is created in each home. It is tiered, on a red cloth, with the emperor and empress on the top step and their aides and musicians on lower steps.
Special cakes and drinks are served
Set up a tiered display using tables and chairs and boxes for the Pippins to display their dolls. Cover it with red fabric or crepe paper. Get every Pippin to introduce their doll and add her to the display.
Consider serving sushi to celebrate this special day.


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