Christmas Countdown Tree and Grateful Jar

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Children make Christmas Trees out of paper shapes/drawings. They add one pom pom/sequin/sticker etc each day leading up to Christmas. (Advent Calendar variation).
Pom poms are kept in specially decorated 'Grateful Jars'. When the child gets a pompom out to stick on the tree, they need to think of something that they are grateful for.


Coloured Paper
Colouring pens/crayons/pencils
Pom poms/stickers/sequins (25 per child)
Anything else that you would like to use to decorate the trees.

Empty jars with or without lids.
Christmas paper
Ribbon/TInsel etc


Countdown Trees:
Children stick/draw a tree onto the cardboard. Just a basic tree is fine.
Depending on age, they could write the numbers 1-24 on the tree in circles to indicate where to put the decorations.
One pom pom is attached for each day leading up to Christmas.

Grateful Jars:
Children write a small sign to stick on their jar: 'I am grateful for...'
Children decorate their jars using their sign, cut outs from the Christmas paper and tinsel etc.
Pom poms go into the jar, ready to be stuck on their tree


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