IGG INVESTIGATE: Compulsory Challenge 11 Global Awareness

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Play a game to gain some facts about the history of Guiding


 Copy of Story
 Copy of Actions


Instructions Thinking Day Action Story

• Call all the Pack into Pow Wow
• Demonstrate the actions for the different words
• One Leader reads the story which is written in a form of questions and answers
• Other Leaders take responsibility to help Brownies remember the correct actions.

Words Actions
Thinking Day Tap the side of your head and look thoughtful
Birthday Say Happy Birthday! and blow out candles
Party or Parties Say, “Yahoo!” with one hand raised in the air
Lord Baden-Powell Bow
Lady Baden-Powell Curtsy
London Make a bridge with a partner
Boy Scouts Hold up two fingers and say, “Be Prepared”
Girl Scouts “Girl Power!” with fisted hands on hips
Friends Shake hands with your partner
World Spin in a circle (like a globe)

Discuss the story with the Brownies to show where we came from, and how we all celebrate World Thinking Day

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