IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie World Guiding Option 02

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Know the names of the World Centres and where they are


 Copy of broad game per Six plus a copy for Leaders
 Set of question for each World Centre
 Dice
 Game pieces
 Card
 Food associated with each Country


Leader will need to bring prepared food items for this activity
• Set up food stations around the meeting place
• Give each Six a copy of board game, dice and game pieces
• First Brownie to throw a Six starts
• Continue by passing the dice to the girl on her right
• If a Brownie lands on a statement she runs to a Leader and completes the requirement i.e. (3 ‐ Say the Brownie Motto)
• If a Brownie lands on a flag (flags from the countries of the 4 World Centres) Brownie will run to the flag station and sample food associated with the country


  • board games
  • food
  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • Trefoil News international 2017
  • world centres
  • world guiding

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