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Find out about the World Bureau, the World Centres and the World Thinking Day fund ( World Centres Wide Games)


Copy of passport for each girl
Information on each of the World Centres
Various items required to complete activities in each World Centre


Explain to the girls that you are going on a journey to find out more about the World Centres and the countries where they are.
Before you arrive in each World Centre, have a brief discussion about where you are, what you would expect to do and see here.
Tell the girls about the World Centre here, its name, when it was built etc.
Before you move on to the next World Centre, make sure girls have filled in and signed their passport.

• Give each guide a passport. (see overleaf for folding instructions) The girls will prefer to get the passport then the unfolded page.
• As you arrive in each World Centre, you should take part in a number of activities which is traditional to each country. These can be crafts, foods, games, dances.

Our Chalet – Have a Chocolate party
Our Cabana – Learn the Mexican Hat Dance

Pax Lodge – Learn the Pax Lodge Song
Sangam – Visit an Asian food store to sample some spicy delights


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