IGG Ladybird Crafts for Fun

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Valentine Ladybird Heart


Black Card
Red Card
Pink Card
Googly Eyes
Red Paint
Pipe Cleaners


On February 14th, we celebrate the Feast of St. Valentine.
Below is a craft for Ladybirds to make to celebrate the event.

• Using a full A4 sheet of black card per ladybird, cut a large circle for the body and smaller circle for the head
• Cut a large heart from the red card
• Cut a smaller heart from the pink card
• Glue the pink heart to the red heart
• Glue the small black circle to the point of the heart
• Glue the large black circle to the red heart (see below)
• To the small circle glue googly eyes to the front and the pipe cleaners onto the back for antennas
• To finish each girls can paint the spots onto their ladybird heart using their finger.

Trefoil News International Edition 2017

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