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Make a World Thinking Day Money Box!


 Toilet roll insert
 Green card (or regular card and green paper to stick on)
 Red crepe/ tissue paper
 Scissors and glue


If you make your World Thinking Day money box a few weeks before your ceremony it gives the girls time to collect some money. Remind the girls to bring their money boxes to the World Thinking Day Ceremony


• Cut a square of card a few centimetres wider than the toilet roll insert.
• Carefully cut approximately 1cm into the bottom of the tube about 10-12 times and fan it out.
• Glue this to the card – this is the trunk.
• Cut two identical tree shapes from green card and glue them together around the top and both sides (see picture below).
• Scrunch up red crepe paper to make apples and glue them front and back.
• Hold the bottom of the tree open and slide onto the trunk.
• The girls can put their money in by lifting the tree top off and then replacing it.
During the World Thinking Day Ceremony have the girls place their ‘trees’ money boxes around the map of the world.

Acknowledgement/Source: Trefoil News International Edition 2017


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