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Colour the Ladybird uniform from another country.

(Supported by GGNZ Programme Team)


 Journey Planner
 Pictures of Uniform
 Colours
 Pictures of Lord and Lady Baden Powell


To learn about Ladybirds around the world.

• Discuss the different types of Uniform.
• Explain every country has their own uniform and show pictures of the different uniform.
• Give each Ladybird a different uniform to colour
• When finished bring all Ladybirds into the Ladybird Garden to share info. (Have a leader close by to help younger girls with reading)
• Explain all the groups of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world are the trunk and backbone of WAGGGS. (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts)
• Put your pictures of the different uniforms on the trunk of your tree. Some of the other names of Ladybirds around the world are Teddies in South Africa, Beavers in the Netherlands, Gumnuts in Australia, Sparks in Canada, Rainbows in England (Pax Lodge), Girasoles (Sunflowers) in Mexico (Our Cabana), Beavers in Switzerland (Our Chalet) and the Bulbuls in India (Sangam)
• Our four World Centers (Houses) are Pax Lodge, Our Cabana, Our Chalet, and Sangam
• When you are finished: tell the story of how the Girl Guides began. The story of Lord and Lady Baden Powell and how the Girl Guides were set up can be found in the Ladybird Journey Planner book on page 47 or on OGM
• Put pictures of Lord and Lady Baden Powell on the bottom of your tree as they are roots of the Girl Guides.



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