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Choose one of the World Centres outside of the Asia Pacific Region. Cook food, play games, and sing songs that relate to the World Centre you choose (Our Chalet, Pax Lodge or Kusafiri or Our Cabana).


Dependent on activities chosen


Purpose/learning goal: For girls to learn about and get an understanding of world guiding.

Background: International centres are run by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (Sangam, the Centre in the Asia Pacific Region is not included in this activity as there is a separate Sangam Global exploration clause).

How to: WAGGGS website –

Have a themed evening for one of the centres. Suggest some food ideas and ask everyone to bring something; eg for Our Chalet you could taste different cheeses, make fondue, bircher muesli, yoghurt. Make lanterns, wood carvings, chocolate making. Play a relay in patrols with a jigsaw of a picture of Our Chalet.

Other ideas
*Do some research in patrols and then visit a supermarket and look for appropriate foods.

*Provide recipes and ingredients and patrols make a dish each and share.

*Use the search terms traditional games and the country name to find games, eg "traditional games mexico"

Here is a web site for Mexican games. for traditional Mexican Games (Our Cabana)

Here is a web site for Swiss traditional games

Here is a web site for traditional African games and songs


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