GGNZ Holiday and Festival Celebration

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Find out how another country celebrates a holiday or festival unique to its culture. Try some of the activities that belong to this celebration.


Information on the chosen festival, relevant activities and food. Try some of these web sites:


Purpose: As part of understanding other cultures, and being respectful of them, and especially as New Zealand becomes more diverse in its population.

How to: Ensure that the reason for the festival is explained as well as taking part in activities.

Look in a library or on the internet for information and activities
eg, Thanksgiving (October/November); Bastille Day (France 14 July);Chinese New Year; French Mardi Gras; Hannukah; the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad in Muslim practice; Diwali (Hindu festival of lights); Lent with Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday; Easter; Christmas; St Patrick’s Day 16 March.

If you have girls in the unit who identify with a faith or culture that you are including, ask for their help. You may be able to find a celebration in your area to attend.


  • cultural awareness
  • cultural festival
  • Festivals

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