HIV / AIDS and related issues in Malawi

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An introduction to HIV/AIDS and related issues in the context of Malawi.


1 x PDF of Questions (You may wish to give out copies to each patrol or each young person)
Scrap Paper


Divide the Scouts into groups of four or five, and read out the Malawi Quiz Questions. Alternatively, Scouts could take turns in reading them out, or you could hand out copies of the quiz. Ask Scouts in their groups to decide on the answers, and write them down on a piece of paper. When they have finished, encourage them to swap papers with another group, and then correct the answers together.

1c; 2a Windhoek is in Namibia, Quito is in Ecuador; 3c This means that it is generally suited to growing many agricultural products; 4c The rand is South African.; 5a; 6b; 7b; 8c Tobacco accounts for approximately 53% of exports, but tea, sugar, cotton, coffee, peanuts, maize, rice, beans and wood products are also important; 9a Comparisons with the UK are in brackets. The median age in Malawi is now 16.8 (40). Life expectancy is only 43 (79) and birth rate is 41.79/1,000 people (10.65). This leaves an age structure, of under 14: 46% (17%); 1564: 51.4% (68%); over 65: 2.7% (16%); 10b 14.2% is the 2003 estimate. There are 900,000 people living with HIV/AIDS and around 84,000 deaths a year; 11a There are more than one million orphans in Malawi, 700,000 of whom became orphans when their parents died of AIDS; 12a; 13a There are 3 villages, 4 Hermann Gmeiner schools and 17 facilities altogether, including youth homes and health centres


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