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Curling blocks of ice.

Courtesy of 1000 Fantastic Scout Games


Equipment: Length of thick plastic sheeting, marker pen, pen and paper, blocks of ice, yogurt pots, food colouring, cool box
To make the “stones” freeze water in empty yogurt pots. The larger sizes are better. Before freezing colour the water with food colouring, one colour per team.


Put the plastic sheeting down on the floor and draw several concentric circles at the far end with a fifty score in the smallest circle, then forty, thirty, twenty and ten.

Put the scouts into teams and get one member from each team to curl a stone down the length of the sheeting. After one round record the scores and then have another member from each team.

Add the team scores up after everyone has had a go; the team with the highest score is the winner.

Make sure that there is a little (but not too much) surface water on the sheeting. This will allow the stones to glide better and not fall over.

Make sure that at each round a different team starts to give teams an equal chance of knocking competitors’ stones off the target area.

Have plenty of reserve stones in a cool box.

An alternative is to have just one circle for a target with the nearest stone in each round gaining a team point.

Any stone going off the end / hitting the back stop is out and cannot score, even if the nearest.


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