Water Carry

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The aim of this challenge is for the team to try and retrieve 10 cups full of water from around the room and place on a tray without spilling any of it. During the task, each person is only allowed to use, just one hand and one leg to complete the task.


10 paper cups (filled with water 3/4), tray


Water Carry Team Challenge Instructions

Before you start the activity, fill ten paper cups with water. Place five cups on the ground at one end of the room at the other five on the opposite side of the room. Aim for having these at a minimum 20ft apart if possible.
Provide a tray for the group and explain that their challenge is to retrieve all 10 cups of water and place them on the tray without spilling any water.
The group are only allowed to retrieve, just one cup at a time. They cannot return to the same side of the room, twice in a row and must alternate betweens sides.
Each person in the team can only use just one hand and one foot for the duration of the challenge. Once the group have retrieved all 10 cups of water, they must then return back to the middle of the room and place the tray on the floor.
If they spill any water, they must start over again.



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