Holocaust Memorial Day

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27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day. This activity involves the young people putting a sequence of events in order on the floor. At the end of the timeline activity there will be a brief discussion on how the group think this was allowed to happen and what could be done to prevent it happening in the future.


Parts of the history printed on pieces of paper (the leader can list the appropriate points to emphasise - https://www.ushmm.org/learn is a useful link)
Discussion topics for the group afterwards (again, the leader can use this to focus the discussion)


The printed history papers will be in a pile. Young people are asked to work as a group to put them in the order of the events happening.
Once they have put the papers in order, the leader should ask them how they feel about what they have read. This will then lead onto a discussion with the group.
Points to perhaps think about include:
What caused this to happen
Whether they think it could happen again
Are there similarities in todays society
Have they suffered any prejudice because of something that is different about them?
How can we make sure that this doesn't happen again in the future?
How can we reduce prejudice and discrimination where we live?


  • discrimination
  • History
  • racism

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