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A Cub activity to explore what 'services' are and how they affect our society.

I have added this to OSM as my Cubs really engaged with this activity and our discussion on what did and did not count as a 'service' was lively and interesting.

They loved moving the service pictures around the town - particularly if it produced groans from the other cubs!


Pens/felt tips
Pictures of services/ service providers. We had: Police station, public garden/park, library, hospital, water supply, sports centre, rubbish collection, recycling centre, ambulance station, fire station, train station, dentist, sewerage system, doctor, town hall, school, bus station, play park.


Tell the Cubs we are building our own town and mark/designate an area on the floor as the town boundary.

Get the cubs to draw a picture of the house they would like to live in and put it somewhere within the town boundary.

Now talk about what else is needed for the town to function and get the cubs to nominate something the town needs. If they nominate something you have a picture of, give them the picture and ask them to place it somewhere in the town. If you do not have a picture (we didn't have shops or an airport) ask them to draw it and then add it to the town. Our Cubs became very persuasive about the placement of some facilities either wanting them near their house or wishing them further away.

Now allow each cub in turn to move their house within the town boundary as close to the service they think is the most important one and ask them why they chose that one.


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