Cork Rafts

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A simple 'build your own mini raft' project for Beavers. We used them to demonstrate the wind moving sail boats on water!

Supported by the GGNZ Programme Team


Washing up bowl(s) or other containers, filled with water - we only had 1 washing up bowl as this was a base for a few Beavers at a time

Corks (3 per child) - these can be bought online from winemaking stores or even eBay
Elastic Bands (2-3 per child) - we used those little 'Loom Bands' as they're about the right size
Cocktail Sticks (1 per child)
Sugar paper (1 piece roughly 5x5cm per child)


1. Each child needs to place 3 corks in a row in front of them, long ends touching (so the edges have 3 circles on either side).
2. Use the elastic bands to secure the corks together in this shape (young Beavers may need help with this).
3. insert a cocktail stick in the middle cork, as your 'mast'
4. Thread the sugar paper "sail" onto the cocktail stick by carefully poking holes through it.

Each child should place their boat onto the water, and then you can begin talking to them about it. Ask questions like "why do you think it floats?" and "how do you think you can make it move without touching it?" to get them thinking about the physics behind it!


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