On Target Programme Planning

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Identify which activities the scouts want to do


Large sheet of paper
Small pieces of paper/post it's


On a large piece of paper draw a small circle (about 10cm across) and then larger circles outside it at about 5 to 10 cm distance - making an archery target type picture
Draw a cross through the target so it is divided into 4 segments
Label the segments on the outside edge of the paper
- outdoor and adventure
- beliefs and attitudes
- fitness and creative
- global and community
Scouts write down the names of activities they have done in the past and ideas for new activities in the future on small pieces of paper - one idea per note
Ideas are placed on the target

Note - the inner section (centre of the target) are things that are most important to the scouts. This is also where there is least space so not much will fit in there - basically, one activity per segment. More ideas fit in further out - so the scouts must rank what is most important, second most important, etc.


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