The Ring Game

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Cubs or Scouts sit in a circle and try and pass a ring around the circle on a piece of string whilst one YP tries to find it.




YPs sit in a circle, with one YP in the middle - they are the seeker.
A ring (not a valuable one!) is placed on a large loop of string that is big enough to go around everyone sitting in the ring. All YPs place both hands on the string.
The YP in the middle closes their eyes for a few seconds and the ring is passed along the string to someone random.
When told to the YP in the middle opens their eyes. At the same moment the YPs sitting around the circle begin moving their hands together and apart, but always keeping hold of the string loosely.
The YP in the middle must try to find the ring by tapping on individual hands, which must then be opened. The YPs sitting in the ring can pass the ring by pushing or sliding it between each other or passing hand to hand.
When the YP finds the ring they swap places with the person who was caught with it, who now becomes the seeker.



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