Mars Bar Game

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fast paced novelty, racing, chasing game


several mars bars
lots of layers of clothes: jackets, scarves, hats etc.
a few dice


players sit in a circle
a pile of clothes are placed in the circle
a mars bar is also placed in the centre of the circle
a dice is passed from person to person around the circle. Players roll the dice trying to get a 6
When it lands on a 6, the player runs around the outside of the circle, then through the space they left and into the circle, puts on all the clothes, then opens the bar and eats as much as they can.
While this is going on, the dice is still being passed around the circle until another person rolls a 6. They must then repeat the same steps as the first person. They aim is for the 2nd and subsequent players to catch the first person before they get an opportunity take a bight of the bar.
If you are caught, you have to stop what you are doing, hand over the bar/clothes etc. so that the 'catcher' can then try to dress up and take a bight of the bar before they are caught by the next person.

Each time the mars bar is finished add in another one to the circle

Fast paced game, great fun. Depending on the size of your group maybe add a 2nd or even 3rd dice into the circle to speed up the chase.
Enjoy, just watch greedy goblins in case they choke trying to eat a mars bar in as few bights as possible - it happens!


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