Compass point maze game

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Game for up to 4 teams/Sixes
The attached pdf has all the printed material you need. Just print extra "route cards" 1 set per team is required (page 2 of attached file)


Attached pdf printed out
9 cones per team/Six if you have them
4 hoops if you have them


Divide into four teams - or use Sixes
Place a grid of 3 x 3 cones for each team/Six. Or just layout the coloured symbols on the floor as shown on page 1. Place the hoop further away.
Give each team/six a 'route card' - on page 2 - the ones with the blank "End at:"
Tell the teams which way is North, pick a route for the individual/pair to follow.
When they have completed their given route whatever symbol they finished at they need to pick up and the run to the hoop. You could play who is first with correct symbol or wait until all teams have finished that route and award a point to those who are holding the correct symbol (answers to routes are shown on page 1 of attached pdf)

The Compass Point Maze Game Adaptation pdf, printed double sided, contains 4 sets of symbols A6 size, 4 A6 layout/answer cards, 4 sets of route cards, plus 4 sets of cards numbered 1-12 with a symbol on the rear. The symbol is the finishing point for the corresponding numbered route. Put the cards under the matching symbol, and if the route is finished correctly the Beaver will find their route number under the last symbol they reach. First lodge to successfully complete their routes wins.



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