IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Friendship Option 02

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Examine how people can care for one another ( Personality Pattern)


 Personality sheet per Brownie (see attached file)
 Green/Red/Blue colouring pencils per Six
 List of Statements (see attached file)


Aim of Badge:
To have a deeper understanding of how to be a good friend

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

This activity will help the Brownies to
1. Find other Brownies with the same personality pattern as themselves
2. Understand that we are all alike in some ways but no two people are exactly the same

• Give each Brownie a Personality Pattern Sheet
• Give each Six a set of Green, Red and Blue colouring pencils
• Explain that the Leader will read out a number and statement (see overleaf)
• There are three ways of answering Yes/No/ Sometimes
• Each Brownie decides which answer is the correct one for them. For example, 1 “Do you like sausages” if the answer is yes colour the number one shape on the personality sheet Green/ If no colour Red/ if you like them sometimes colour Blue
• Once all the statements have been read out and filled in, Brownies will circulate around the meeting hall to compare patterns and find the other Brownies with the same pattern
Conclusion: we are all alike in some ways but no two people are exactly the same.

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