Lollipop Stick Bird Feeders

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Make a bird feeder from lollipop sticks, these also make good items for Cubs to make to sell at fundraising events.


Lollipop sticks (approx 40 per Cub) wood glue, glue spreaders or small paint brushes, string or twine, scissors, bird seed measured into individual plastic bags to take home. Newspaper to protect surfaces.


Lay out 12 lollipop sticks side by side, see photo.
Glue two sticks across them near the ends, see photo.
If you wish, you can turn it over and lay another row of lolly sticks going in the opposite direction to strengthen the base, I found this took up extra time but if you have time then it's worth doing.
Lay out sticks two at a time opposite each other, in a crisscross pattern gluing each pair of sticks in place as you go, see photo. Insert the large lolly stick after one layer of sticks is in place to act as a perch and glue it into place, see photo.
Keep alternating lolly sticks around the outside until you have built up six rows.
Attach string/twine, either push string through a layer of sticks and tie off on two sides or you can use a glue gun.
The feeders can be painted if desired. I bought plain and coloured sticks so Cubs could choose different combinations.


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