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An interactive story about the founder Baden Powell




Action-Packed Baden-Powell Story

Identify five groups and their actions:
England: drink a cup of tea
Africa: beat on a drum
Canada: yell out "O Canada"
Army: stand up and march
India: snake charmers

Two individuals should do these actions:
Lady B-P: stand and say, "Girl Guides!"
Baden-Powell or B-P: stand and say, "Let's go!"

Everyone should listen for these words:
Scouts: throw imaginary hats into the air and yell, "Hurray!"
World: say, "Big round world!" and make a circle with your arms.
Guides: stand and say, "Be prepared!"

On February 22, 1857, Robert Baden-Powell was born in England. This man would
later become famous as the person who founded Scouts and helped found Guides.
Around the world people called him simply B-P.

After spending a number of years in boarding school, he joined the Army at 18. As a
soldier B-P travelled to many countries including Africa and India. He became famous
during the Boer War as a Colonel in the Army. After the war, B-P returned to England
where he found that many of the books he had written for the Army were being used by
teachers and other leaders to help them in their work with youth.

He decided to try out his own ideas and held a camp at Brownsea Island with a group of
children from London. These kids later became the first Scouts. The girls of that day,
seeing what fun their brothers were having, decided they would become Scouts too. In
1909 B-P invited all the Scouts of England to a parade at the Crystal Palace in
London. B-P stood at the front of the building and saluted the youth. Later he inspected
the Scouts. Astonished at the number of girls following along, he asked them what they
wanted. They answered that they too would like to join his organization. Back home B-P
talked about the girls with his sister, Agnes Baden-Powell. The result was not girl
Scouts but Girl Guides.

Guiding and Scouting quickly spread throughout the world and soon there were
Guides and Scouts not only in England and Canada, but also in Africa, India and
many more countries.

B-P left the Army and devoted all his time to Scouting and Guiding. He travelled
constantly. On one voyage he met Olave St. Clair Soames. He fell in love with her; they
got married. Olave Baden-Powell later became the World Chief Guide. She is
affectionately known to Guides all over the world as Lady B-P.

Lord B-P and Lady B-P were both born on February 22. A Belgium Guider suggested
that we make this a special day. We have expanded the celebrations to include ScoutGuide
Week where we remember youth members all over the world.

B-P and his wife Lady B-P are no longer alive, but their ideas will live forever through
you, our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.


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