Chinese New Year Candle Holders

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Suitable for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Explorers
Any age of children can make these easy candle holders. They can be given as presents. Get the Scouts and Explorers to use the instructions without your guidance. The cheapest way to light the jar is to buy Tea Lights, however this may be


Glass jar preferably a hexagonal shape
Red art tissue paper (non-bleeding)
Black acrylic paint OR black permanent marker (can share)
White glue OR clear liquid glue (Dilute one part white glue or clear liquid glue with one part water)
Paint brush
Tea light OR for a safer option battery flickering tea lights


Wash and dry your jar
Tear red art tissue into small pieces
Dip a piece of red tissue paper onto the glue mixture then stick it onto the jar. Use your finger or paint brush to smoothen the edges of the tissue
Continue gluing on pieces of red tissue, overlapping the pieces along the edges
You can let the tissue paper go over the top edge of the jar. Leave the jar aside to dry then trim off the excess tissue along the jar's top edge
Use undiluted black acrylic paint or black permanent marker to make a black border along the jar's top edge
Paint Chinese characters or Chinese-inspired images around the jar. Get the children to practise this on paper before they paint the jar. Finally just pop in your tea light.



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