GGNZ Promise Relay (Minties)

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A relay whereby each patrol must race to find, in order, the words of the promise and/or law and be the first to collect and assemble it.


Bag/s of minties (or the units preferred lollies)
Printouts of the promise and/or law (one per patrol)


Cut up the promise and/or law into one or two word sections and stick each piece onto a separate lolly.

The girls start at one end of the hall with their corresponding pile of lollies at the opposite end. One girl from each patrol races to their pile and finds the starting word/s of the promise/law (one lolly at a time) and then returns to their patrol whereby the next patrol member goes. The race continues in this fashion until all patrols have completed their promise and/or law.

At the end of the game, each patrol can eat their lollies.


  • law
  • promise
  • relay game
  • starting the adventure

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