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Fun with change - if you are going to sell something you need to know about giving change.

Find out how much the biscuits (traditional, choc and mini) cost, and practice ways of selling them to each other. Remember your pippin smile and good manners.


Girl Guide biscuits - 1 x plain, 1 x choc, 1 x mini packet

1 box of biscuits or empty box


Group discussion around how much a packet of biscuits cost, what the flavours are, if the different flavours are a different price, and where to locate the price list on the box.

Rules to remember when selling biscuits:
- Pippins & brownies always need to have an adult with them.
- make sure an adult knows where you are
- girls (and leaders) need to wear their GGNZ uniform.

Get girls into groups of 4. Have 2 girls be "biscuit sellers" and 2 girls be "people living in the house". Have girls stand on either side of a door way. Role play the "biscuit sellers" knocking on the door (whats an appropriate way to approach a house and knock on a door?)

Have the people living in the house answer, the biscuit sellers then practice selling their biscuits, informing the people living at the house of the flavours and price.

Focus on using good manners - please, and thank you and their pippin smile.

Swap roles so all girls get a chance and being "biscuit sellers"


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