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Games to play to explore how to fill in a Safety Action Plan and gain ideas for a Safety Action Plan for Camp Skills Badge - Added by GGNZ National Programme Team


Page 173 in the Guides My Programme Book or a copy of a CORA SAP
Game cards (attached document)


Introduce what a Safety Action Plan is and what the three main questions mean - use the example on page 172 in the girls My Programme Book - remember to include in your discussion why we fill in a Safety Action Plan

Ways to play a game:

- Divide girls into teams, give each team a set of cut up cards and the three headings upside down or in an envelope - on 'go' girls have to sort - when finished yell 'Safety Action Plan'. Girls can copy examples into their own books. Can they think of another idea?

- Show the girls one row at a time from the table showing the 'What could go wrong?' and 'What could cause it?'. Have the last card of the row, the 'How can you prevent it?' column cut up and spread around the room or at other end of meeting space. Show the row, girls read and then race to find the last part to answer 'How can you prevent it?' First person to bring it back and yell 'Got it'. Or vice versa, pick a different column that is missing from the row that girls have to locate

- Longer Activity: Have a game of softball - Each person who makes it round the bases and back home earns a card, or if fielding if they get a person out they earn a card. You can choose how many cards to be earnt e.g. 3 or 4 examples OR make the table like a puzzle board with some of the cards missing (vary whether it is the first, second or third column) and the team is trying to earn the missing cards. Time each side for their batting round. You could choose any type of game your girls enjoy and adapt it so the girls have a way of earning the cards. Remember to introduce the safety action plan three questions before the game, at the end of your game discuss examples and girls copy into their own books

For any of these ideas or ideas you come up with, you could have a copy of the table for girls to glue into their own books at the end rather than copying


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