Explore an International Issue

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The purpose of this activity is to:
* Allow the Scouts to explore an international activity
* Allow the Scouts to talk about their findings to help them develop self confidence in speaking in front of the troop
* There is no right or wrong solution
* (Optionally) Use the internet for research beyond their current knowledge
* Within their group/patrol, allow them to discuss and debate the issues at hand


(Optionally) Computers and Internet Access


The Scouts either chose or are given a topic about which they should investigate
They should use their knowledge to discuss the subject within their patrols so as to form their collective opinion on the subject.
A fixed length of time should be provided (suggest 45 minutes) for them to investigate and discuss the issue - use of the internet may be beneficial, or any written materials may be provided as suitable for the topic.

Once the time has elapsed, each patrol should be given a maximum of 5 minutes to present their findings back to the rest of the troop.
One or more individuals should be nominated to report back to the rest of the troop


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